Pull-A-Part needed a high-impact brochure to help convince city officials nationwide to allow them to build “salvage yards” in their communities. A salvage yard? As you can imagine, in any town they are met with every possible objection. But these are no ordinary salvage yards. They do a great service and are an asset to any community.

To represent the sophistication of Pull-A-Part’s operations, we created a metallic cover and blind-embossed icons of auto parts. The easy-to-read text is scattered with powerful testimonials. We answered the client’s need for flexibility with a creative and attractive solution. Because the covers and fly sheets would always remain the same, we printed large quantities of both. To facilitate cost-effectively changing text and content as his company grows, we digitally printed a small quantity of inside pages. Each time the interior pages change and are reprinted the books are bound using screw posts, which give an industrial feel to the brochure.